Secure Grid®…The Power of KNOWing…

You‘ve just spent a ton of money on assets to support your business, now you need to know where those assets are.  We track it – Anywhere! Renfinity’s Secure Grid ® an Enterprise System offers the first to market platform for tracking your enterprise’s assets 24x7x365, anywhere in real time. The power of knowing is the power to save. Curious?

A Message from our CEO

When examining the landscape for Internet security, we discovered a glaring hole. As more and more devices were becoming networked there was not a reliable way to secure them. Wireless technologies, while convenient, did not offer the same levels of protection as many of their wired counterparts. Wireless solutions were unreliable or required too much power. In addition, they did not work in areas where there was not reliable WiFi. As a result, remote assets like power generation plants, water plants, and even nuclear plants were vulnerable to attack. Out of this Renfinity was born with one mission: to build a secure, wireless mesh that could protect all the nation’s critical assets – whether they are financial assets in Midtown Manhattan, or a power plant in the remote reaches of Utah. Contact us to learn more about this exciting new technology.