About Us

About our Founder

Renee McCown is the founder and CEO of Renfinity Inc. the first-to-market enterprise wireless asset management solutions provider. Renee began her working career in the EAM and ERP contracting businesses and in the last 20 years has focused on providing solutions to her clients in the EAM sector. Renee founded Renfinity in 2009 and has led, driven and grown Renfinity to success as an IBM Maximo and now a Verizon Business Partner.

Renfinity helps businesses save money through improved life-cycle asset management from cradle to grave for maintenance and reliability via Maximo as well as Infor’s Datastream and Maximus. Renee’s proven track record is based upon pre-defined business processes and best practices that minimize an organization’s investment while reducing implementation risk. With over 20 years of computerized maintenance management experience, Renee has pioneered many technology advancements in Maximo and now Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) with re-engineered RFID solutions providing the first-to-market enterprise wireless set management systems.

Renee is a certified project manager, a member of the International RFID Business Association (RFID) and accomplished contributor to the IBM Business Development for Maximo’s Transmission and Distribution industry solution.

Renfinity’s Roots

As the implementer of the first wireless asset management solution for the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY) in 2002, we were able to experience first hand the disastrous impact of the 9/11 attack on the Work Trade Center. Each day we heard the stories of the tragic event as well as viewed the names memorialized on the wall of the FDNY headquarters on that tragic day. Working closely with the FDNY departments that participated in the recovery efforts, we became interested in how our solutions could prevent loss of life and provide the situational awareness in hopes that tragedies such as these might be avoided in the future.

The issues that befell those of 9/11 were and are still widespread across various industries and organizations alike.

These include:

  • Lack of Communication
  • No Situational Awareness of other Responders
  • No Situational Awareness of People or Assets
  • Incomplete or Incorrect information
  • High Safety Risks for people and assets

Renfinity’s Secure Grid® and Secure City® solutions are intended to just that. With our partner, Mil-Spec engineering, (www.mil-specengineering.com), we’ve done just that. We are proud to provide the following features of a response and recovery solution as an answer to 9/11 recovery efforts and the dedicated men and women who risked their lives in this brave endeavor.