How does SaaS differ from on-site implementation?

SaaS offers a much lower cost of entry. On-site initial investments are typically higher. Organizations may save as much as 65% of infrastructure, 27% of software, 45% of system, and 76% of labor costs using subscription solutions.  

How is the monthly service subscription set up?

 Subscription plans are fixed over the initial thirty-six (36) month period and then renewed annually. They include the service, application, upgrades, maintenance of installed devices and support. 

What am I responsible to maintain?

Not a thing. The service, application, and activity indicators are all part of the fixed monthly subscription.

Do you offer other functions that manage more than emergency security issues?

Yes. Interoperable dual-use solutions are available. A facility may want security and a way to control heating or air conditioning when rooms are not occupied or the ability to track personnel or physical assets. 

Do you have an open architecture that supports integration of other technologies?

Yes. Our solutions are interoperable and use API’s that easily integrate with other applications. 

Do you provide any customization?

Yes. Upon request, we can provide a review of your facility requirements and submit a Statement of Work (SOW) proposal for your consideration. 

Does it work in a facility structure like concrete or metal?

Yes. We are committed to configuring peak performance solutions that operate effectively in a facility regardless of its physical structure. 

How do you know if everything is operating correctly?

Our secure datacenter supports enterprise level applications up to triple redundancy capability and 99.999% operational up time. We utilize a secure socket layer (SSL) protocol with 256-bit data encryption and protect against spoofing and re-transmission of wireless data packets. Alerts are sent if any devices need attention. 

What type of analytics and reporting do you offer?

Facility data is available that allows you to identify trends associated with an emergency or facility event. Reports define all activity events by date/time and location, including events that required immediate notification about unexpected activities that occurred in your facility.

Will these solutions reduce my insurance premiums?

Risk management services are offered by most insurance companies. They will assess what policy discounts there are for installing safety equipment and following best practices. Please contact your insurance agent to determine the criteria for lower premiums or adjustments. 

How are the solutions activated during an emergency?

Alert/panic devices are strategically placed throughout a facility and triggered on-demand. On alert, the 24/7 service immediately responds, collects all location data and transmits critical location information for responders and security personnel. 

What does the Facility Preliminary Assessment involve?

This early site assessment helps us get familiar with your facility so we can propose the most effective solution to meet your needs.