Secure Grid®

Secure Grid® is a scalable and flexible wireless Real Time Location System (RTLS) network that enables enterprises to track and protect vital assets, people, equipment and documents in real time.

Secure Grid® leverages both existing and Renfinity developed technologies to provide an end-to end solution that can scale to meet the needs of any business or enterprise.

Secure Grid® components include

  • Industry standard RFID tags
  • RFID Repeaters (Exciters)
  • RFID Readers
  • Secure Grid® Data Gateways
  • Secure Grid® Data Collection Software
  • Secure Grid® Connection Profiles and API’s
  • Renfinity Hosting and Professional Services

SecureGrid - Unified Technology

Secure Grid® provides a single interface combining

  • A first-to-market, proprietary front-end asset management system
  • Current technologies and infrastructures
  • A first-to-market agnostic backend solution. Integrating new and existing technologies.

Locate Assets in Real Time

  • Employees
  • Contractors
  • Guests
  • Capital Assets
  • Buildings – Interior and Exterior
  • Exterior Structures – Towers, Poles and Inventories
  • Campuses
  • IT Assets
  • Documents Assets

SecureGrid® Sled

The Secure Grid® Sled is an agnostic SmartCard holder that directly interfaces with the card through a contact reader. The Secure Grid® Sled is then authenticated by the user’s PIN code entered on the key pad membrane on the back of the sled. This process validates that the card belongs to the user. Because the Secure Grid® Sled is a “dumb” device until a card is inserted and authenticated, no information is left on the Secure Grid® Sled and any Secure Grid® Sled can be used by any user.

Secure Sled Access Indicator